Spooky Halloween Themed Cheese

Aldi's new lineup of festive cheeses is special treats for this year's Halloween.

Aldi's limited-edition collection of cheeses is a special festive offer perfect for a Halloween-themed party.

The limited-edition festive treats are available in four different types with funny names like Scary Pumpkin Spice, Freaky Franken, No Rest For The Wicked, and Bat Knit Crazy.

The names may scare you off, but each of them has different flavors and is decorated in a special way to match the names. The Scary Pumpkin Spice is a Wensleydale cheese with pumpkin-adjacent spice, No Rest For The Wicked is made with strawberries and Prosecco, Freaky Frankin is a mild derby cheese infused with sage, while Bat Knit Crazy is actually a regular old cheddar cheese.

The spooky festive cheeses will be available for purchase on 16 October for a retail price of $3.99 each. These scary and cute Halloween-themed cheeses are perfect for your spookiest cheese board to surprise the guests. (via)

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