Best Halloween Themed Treats To Die For

There are different Halloween traditions around the globe. This is one of the most popular festive celebrations in the world. Maybe this is the reason why Halloween is also known as Allhalloween. Each country has a unique traditional way of celebrating Halloween, but there is a common thing that delights both adults and kids. Halloween is not complete without delicious treats, and this is the best part where everyone can enjoy some delicious good sweets. (The image is taken from Unsplash)

We have picked the very best treats to make your Halloween very special.

Sugar Skull Cake Pops
                                                              Get the recipe on Bakerella.        

Vampire Cake Pops

                                                   The recipe is on Bakerella.

Game of Thrones Cake Pops

                                                        Via: Notyourmommascookie   

The Coco Cake

This special Halloween-themed dessert is from Disneyland's Paradise Garden Grill that draws inspiration from Mexican dessert churros. The cake is also topped with a tiny sugar skull decoration. (via)

Mummy Jalapeno Poppers

Another spicy delicious Halloween snack is an alternative to the sweets, chocolates, and candies. Get the recipe on Sheknows.

Bag of Bread Bones

Lou Lou P's Delights' Bag of Bread features a collection of differently shaped bread painted with edible black ink to replicate a spooky skeleton.
Hand Painted Skull Macarons

The Simple Sweet Life has something special to celebrate the day of the dead. Get the recipe from their website.

DIY Jack O'Melon Treat

 Instead of using watermelon as a spooky piece of Halloween decor, The National Watermelon Promotion Board is coming up with creative ideas to make the fruit as a delicious treat.

Count Chocula Cereal Pizookies

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse is introducing a special spooky dish that combines a warm and gooey cookie with rich chocolate cereal.

Creepy Halloween Cake from Conjurer's Kitchen

Probably the spookiest Halloween cakes ever. Designed and baked by Conjurer's Kitchen, the cake looks disturbingly and might frighten anyone.

Coffin Sandwich Cookies

Get the recipe on Countryliving.

Halloween Cake Cat

Another awesome Halloween themed treat for your guests. The recipe is available on Womansday.

Graveyard Chicken Enchilada Dip

Delicious chicken dish to be served to the guests for dinner. Grab the recipe from Delish.

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