Adorable Penguin Shaped Egg Holder is an Awesome Kitchen Tool

The Egguins help to boil, store and serve eggs.

Adorable Egg Holders

Egg boiling is a comfortable process but it requires the best knowledge and method of getting a perfect hard-boiled egg. You will need a perfect kitchen gadget to boil perfect eggs without any fuss.

The Egguins is designed to boil, store and serve eggs in the coolest way. The concept is developed by Maya Sarfati with lead designer Lilach Greenblatt.

The adorable kitchen gadget features six penguins in a circular arrangement. Place eggs in the penguins and submerge the holder into boil water. After boiling is complete pullout the holder using the handle and store it in the fridge or comfortably carry to the table.

The Egguins is available for purchase through Peleg Design for $18.

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