Eco-Conscious Home Built From More Than 600,000 Plastic Water Bottles

recycled water bottle home

Many eco-conscious designers are coming with innovative ways to reuse plastic waste and recycle into something useful and efficient.

Canadian based company JD Composites has built a recycled 2,000 square-foot three-bedroom house on the Meteghan River in Nova Scotia, Canada using more than 600,000 plastic water bottles.

Plastic bottles are formed into pellets with heat and treated with gases to melt into a foam. The foam is turned into thick panels that are durable and withstand for many years.

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The recycled plastic house is also a PET foam core house that is resistant to rot, mildew and termite, and also thermally efficient.

The house can be assembled on the site in less than 14 hours. JD Composite has informed in an interview that they are going to use it as a show house or might even use it as an Airbnb rental unit. (via)

eco-conscious house

reycled home builrt from plastic bottles

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