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Friendly Electric Concept Motorcycle

TRYAL concept motorcycle is designed simply to offer an easy ride for anyone.

Friendly Electric Concept Motorcycle

Erik Askin's Tryal electric motorcycle is based on the concept of offering a friendlier and simpler ride so that riders can enjoy their journey on two wheels.

The TRYAL motorbike has a simple, approachable, friendly, and fun design to make it more appealing to urban consumers.

The urban e-bike is created in several bold colors and features a triangular frame to hide the battery and motor within.

It also has a customizable DOT matrix headlight, electric drivetrain, and 14-inch wheels that won't take much space while being parked.

The TRYAL concept e-bike has won the 2019 Rizoma Design Challenge in the Motorcycle Design category for its unique geometrical-shaped design. (via)

Friendly Electric Concept Motorcycle

Friendly Electric Concept Motorcycle



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