Solar-Powered Bubble Shield to Protect from Harmful Virus

Buble Shield to protect from contagious virus

Designlibero's Bubble Shield is a conceptual design to protect wearers in public places and stay safe. Designed in response to COVID-19 the Bubble Shield is an eco-friendly concept to limit the spread of the virus.

The egg-shaped protective shield is made from thermic-welded ETFE and is solar-powered. It has solar panels atop to charge the battery that's worn as a backpack.  The battery also acts power supply for the built-in fan coils and an air pump compressor, which purify the air within the bubble.

The Bubble Shield is inflated to expand and is composed of two halves that can be attached together with a zipper allowing the wearer to enter and exit the protective shield.
Solar-powered virus protection bubble shield

Image credit: Designboom
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