Electric Motorbike is 3D Printed Custom Retro Futuristic Twowheeler

The 2029 e-bike is a futuristic transport solution that amalgamates the styles of the 1929 Majestic by George Michael.

futuristic electric bikes

Bryan Fuller and his team at Fuller Moto created The 2029 e-bike for the Haas Moto Museum and Sculpture Gallery that takes into account the design of retro two-wheeler for a futuristic bike.

The futuristic e-bike features a fully enclosed aluminium body, an electric drivetrain, hub-centric steering and transparent Polycarbonate wheels. The parts of the amazing futuristic e-bike are 3D printed Titanium.

The 2029 e-bike has a range of about 90 miles and with the modified electric drivetrain the two-wheeler is capable of offering up to 27 horsepower.

The bike will be on display alongside two other bikes from Fuller Moto, the ShoGun and the Chief Ambassador. (via)

custom electric motorcycle

The 2029 e-bike

3D printed electric bike

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