Sweden's One Seat Open Restaurant

COVID-19 has severely impacted the restaurants and cafés and created a unique challenge to get back into the business.

restaurant for one

Swedish couple Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson have come with a unique restaurant concept that will involve only a table and a chair to offer open-air dining experience in an isolated place. Their restaurant Bord för En (Table for One) has lots to offer for a solo dinner during the pandemic. 

The concept restaurant in the countryside will offer drinks and a three-course menu delivered by a rope and basket coming from the home kitchen window. All the items will be prepared from locally sourced produce directly from their garden. Bord för En will also offer a flexible payment system to the solo diner.

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Restaurants and cafés around the globe are re-opening but with restrictions imposed on diners to maintain public health and safety. Some are going digital, while others are offering only takeout and home delivery. (via)

dinner for one

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