World's First Self Cleaning Hoodie

The Unhoused Self-Cleaning hoodie is a casual self-cleaning garment specially designed to support the homeless population.

self-cleaning garment

The World's first self-cleaning hoodie is a comfortable and robust casual garment created by Arun Bhanot and Anisha Seth. The hoodie is made from the brand's proprietary Freshtech nanomaterial to enable the garment to repel sweat, stains, dirt and most liquids to keep it looking fresh and brand new all the time.

The self-cleaning hoodie has a social angle too, as it is focused on providing the homeless population with secure and warm clothing. The hoodie features a symbol of hope printed on it and for each hoodie sold on Unhoused, a hoodie will be donated to someone in need.

The eco-friendly hoodie is also easy to wash with cold water and dries up quickly. The hoodie is made of polyester and the natural fibres allow air to circulate to make the heat bearable. Unhoused self-cleaning hoodies are aimed to keep people warmer, cleaner and bring sustainability as they do not need to be laundered frequently. (via)

Unhoused garments for homeless

sustainable self-cleaning hoodie

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