Wearable Gaming PC from ZOTAC

Zotac has recently unveiled the latest VR GO 3.0 gaming backpack at the International CES, 2020.

Wearable gaming PC

The ZOTAC gaming backpack PC is an amazing accessory for gamers to enjoy their favourite titles wherever they go. The gaming backpack is designed to provide the real virtual reality gaming experience free from the traditional tangle of cables.

The smaller and lighter backpack gaming PC is equipped with the 9th Intel Core i7 Processor equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB. It also features SPECTRA 2.0 that assigns different colours allowing users for easy and quick visual identification. 

The gaming backpack also features a series of padded support and straps to give impressive comfort to gamers. The wearable computer has also a battery pack to deliver up to one-hour playtime and also allows players to upgrade the memory and storage as they require. (via)

WearableVR gaming PC

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