Futuristic Air-Powered Vehicles

Volkswagen ID5 is a hybrid concept car projected for the year 2050

Volkwagen ID5

Miguel Mojica's Volkwagen ID5 is a futuristic car with advanced technology that will be powered by an eco-friendly energy source. Imagined for the year 2050, the eco-friendly car will feature tires that can transfer air into energy and will involve a filtering process to eliminate air pollution. 

Volkswagen ID5 will utilize magnetic levitation technology and will have autonomy level 4 functionality to turn the interior into a working space to perform any operations.

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The futuristic hybrid vehicle will be constructed from Bioactives for achieving a living, intelligent and autonomous transportation. Furthermore, the vehicle will also deliver real-time weather information and the elastic membrane in the bodywork will allow the vehicle to switch from urban mode to sports mode. 

The materials used for the vehicle are bio-degradable and easily recyclable. (via)

futuristic eco-friendly car

Volkwagen ID5 for the year 2050

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