Transparent Self-Cleaning Face Mask

The Leaf is a self-sterilizing facemask that uses U-Series HEPA Filters.

transparent mask

The transparent face mask Leaf is designed to protect and keep safe from germs and allows users to breathe fresh air. The health-focused UV mask utilizes self-sterilizing technology and uses HEPA carbon filters to circulate fresh air inside. The mask boasts a transparent design to maintain visibility allowing others to see the lower part of the user's face.

Another great feature of the Leaf UV mask is that it can filter nearly 100% of 0.3 microns allowing fresh air and out. The Pro version of the transparent mask features an active air quality sensor and also provides data metabolism, airflow, CO2, VOC and more. (via)

UV face mask

self-cleaning face mask

transparent self-sterilizing face mask

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