July 29, 2021

Multifunctional Portable Face Mask Sterilizer

Maskirei is a portable mask sterilizer and dryer with a power bank.

Portable mask sanitizer

Osaka based CIO LLC has launched a portable face mask for personal hygiene on Kickstarter. Maskirei is an ultra-compact face mask sterilizer and dryer that takes only a few minutes to clean a used mask. The handy portable gadget also works as a power bank allowing users to charge their smart gadgets when needed.

The mask container is designed to fit in a bag so that users can sterilize anywhere and anytime. The compact design of Makirei makes it a valuable item for a busy lifestyle in modern times.

The ongoing pandemic is forcing people to adopt new habits in public and personal hygiene and use of face mask has become a part of daily lifestyle.

CIO LLC is giving Maskirei to the first 100 early supporters at 21% off the market price. (via)

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