Eco-Friendly 3D Printed Floating House

Prvok is a 3D printed house that can be built in 48 hours.

PRVOK floating house

The Czech Republic-based building society Stavenbi has collaborated with sculptor Michal Trpak to build the country's first 3D printed house called Prvok, which can be constructed in just 48 hours.

The cost-effective building process will reduce material waste and construction time compared to conventional brick houses.

Prvok will be printed using robotic arms using a special concrete mixture for printing developed by Scoolpt and Masters Builders Solution (BASF). Ths special concrete material will help to produce better organic shapes.

The eco-friendly construction is partially self-sufficient and features a green roof, reservoirs for drinking, recirculating shower, utility and sewage water. The 3D printed abode will be constructed on a pontoon and will have a living room with kitchen and a bedroom, and a bathroom with toilet.


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