Books Delivering Drone

Wing's drones used to deliver library books to students in Virginia's Montgomery County.

drone delivering books

Kelly Passak, a librarian at a middle school in Montgomery County, is using drones to deliver books to local students who are in self-quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The service is free of charge and interested students can send requests to Passak using Google Form. After the request is made books are packed and dropped at the Wing's facility. 

Wing's drone is used to deliver the books and it can carry payloads of up to three pounds. Local students can request up to 150,000 books for no cost.

Wing has been in the service since 2014 but it has been delivering only small goods to customers limited to just a handful of towns. The current book delivering service to students to help continue their studies is a novel use of technology and it will allow Wing to expand its service. (via


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