Portable Pollution Monitoring Device

Atmotube Plus notifies users of air quality to avoid air pollution wherever they go.

Atmotube Plus
The Atmotube Plus is a portable air pollution monitor device that provides information about the quality of the air around us. The cylindrical-shaped air quality tracker is compact and can be easily attached to a keychain, backpack or even on to cloths.
The device sports a simple and elegant design that doubles as an aesthetic fashionable item compliant to your personal style. 
The lightweight device has a built-in Bluetooth technology that connects any smart device to notify users of the detailed tracking report. It sends an alert when the air quality goes below a certain point enabling users to take measures to avoid exposure.
The Atmotube Plus can also be used as a weather station giving detailed information about atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity straight to your smartphone. (via)

Portable air quality monitoring device

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