Realistic Dolphin Robot

Edge Innovation’s robotic dolphins could replace captive aquatic mammals.

Dolphin Robots

Edge Innovation has created a very realistic looking bottlenose dolphin that can move and swim like the real one. The robotic dolphin, named Flipper, weighs about 600 pounds and features an impressive lifelike muscle and skeletal structure. 

The animatronic dolphin is remote controlled and it could be used instead of captive cetaceans, considered to be highly intelligent mammals. Cetaceans that are held in captive suffer greatly because they need the vast ocean to roam and aquariums don’t provide an adequate environment to these animals who are incredibly social and family-centric.

Marine parks are facing a wave of criticism from the public, celebrities and activists. Famous marine parks like SeaWorld has stopped dolphin surfing and revamped their shows to be more educational rather than just for entertainment. 

Flipper robotic dolphin will help to reinvent the dying marine industry and allow marine parks to adopt cruelty-free shows sustainably and safely. (via)

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