August 1, 2021

Electric Pasta Maker

Razorri pasta and noodles maker lets us learn how to make a range of the famous Italian cuisine within minutes at home with ease.

Automated pasta and noodle maker

Traditionally pasta is produced by hand and with the help of small machines. The Razorri is an electric pasta processor that lets to produce fresh and versatile pasta and noodle dishes at home. The automated kitchen appliance has 13 different attachments letting you experiment with noodles in the kitchen. The appliance can make one pound of homemade pasta in ten minutes. The noodles can be cooked immediately without the need to drying them. 

Simply cook spaghetti, macaroni, fettuccine without spending time in preparing the dough. The appliance also lets you add eggs and spices to the dough mix to create custom pasta meals from home. The automated pasta processor has removable parts for easy hand washing or can be put in a dishwasher. (via)

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