Reusable Antibacterial Glove

KOURA Touch Guard protects fingers against germs.

KOURA Touch Guard
COVID-19 pandemic has indeed challenged many designers to design and develop ideas to help fight the ongoing global crisis. Pari Vesaa Ja Masa, a Finnish design company, has created an antibacterial reusable glove designed to protect fingers from germs, offering a sustainable way to stay safe.
KOURA Touch Guard can be worn on three fingers which makes it easy to use and carry.  The germ protective gear is crafted from pure Finnish called PREXELENT, which is infused with Pinetree resin that is antibacterial and long-lasting.
KOURA is free from antimicrobial materials made from harmful metal used in disposable gloves. It is 100% reusable and easily washable. An amazing alternative to single-use gloves, Koura is in the prototype phase and an Indiegogo campaign has been launched to raise an amount of 50,000 Euros,  which will be used to set up production and distribution of the glove.

KOURA Touch Guard

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