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Wearable Tongue-Operated Device

The [In]Brace is a tongue-operated device to control a computer.

Wearable Tongue-Operated Device

Graduate designer Dorothy Clasen has designed a special device that can be worn in the mouth to operate a computer using the tongue. [In]Brace, Dorothy's design for her master's degree, is created from a custom dental retainer (made from polyethylene terephthalate glycol thermoplastic) fitted with a magnet and wires which connect to a Wi-Fi transmitter to enable the device to operate and communicate a computer remotely.

The tongue-operated device will also be useful for people with disabilities to communicate. Communication through the slightest touch between a human and a machine was the idea behind the innovation. Dorothy was fascinated by the way of communication between a horse rider's hand and a horse's mouth.

[In]Brace is safe for oral because it is free from glue and the electric wires are also covered with thick silicon to avoid any electric shock.

tongue-controlled wearable device

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