Transparent Conceptual Motorcycle

The Polestar Aegis is a stunning two-wheeler with a transparent body that shows off its chassis.

Translucent Motorcycle

Lukas Lambrichts' Polestar Aegis is a stunning translucent conceptual motorcycle designed to showcase purity and performance. The design of the see-through two-wheeler was a part of the Polestar design challenge on Instagram.

The Aegis motorcycle features a robust chassis design to keep all the important components stored efficiently, while it also acts as the framework for the bike's structure. The see-through nature of the plastic panels used in the bike shows the internal workings and also acts as a mudguard for the entire bike. The plastic panels can be easily removed and clean with water. 

The Aegis translucent motorcycle can be a perfect modern transport solution that brings together various design accents. (via)

Polestar Aegis concept motorcycle

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