Beetle-Shaped Micro Robot

The RoBeetle is a lightweight micro robot powered by methanol.

methanol-powered robot

The RoBeetle is an attempt to create small and efficiently powered robots that can move easily using sustainable fuel sources.  The lightweight robot (weighs only 88 milligrams) is the design work of Nestor Perez Arancibia, Xiufeng Yang, and Longlong Chang at the University of Southern California.

The beetle-shaped robot features four legs consisting of two fixed rear legs and front legs attached to the transmission to receive commands to move forward. The body of RoBeetle is a fuel tank and its structure is designed in a way to modulate the flow of the methanol by using a purely mechanical system.

A full tank of methanol can be used for 155 minutes to make the tiny robot move and perform tiny jobs. Two little horns help to carry things more than their body weight. RoBeetle has an unadjustable top speed of 0.76 millimeters per hour and can move only forwards.

Scientists are now creating insects like robots, and the future of this technology is fascinating. With the ability to control the movement and behavior of insects, scientists can use them to explore dangerous or hard-to-reach places.

The potential for use in search and rescue missions is exciting, and the use of insect cyborgs could also help us learn more about the behavior of these creatures. As the technology develops, we'll likely see more and more applications for insect cyborgs, and it's exciting to think about the possibilities this technology holds for the future

RoBeetle micro robot

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