Recycled Smartphone Protective Accessory

The Google Pixel 4a Case Knit Cover is made with recycled plastic and one of the best eco-friendly and sustainable smartphone accessories available.

Google Pixel 4a Case Knit Cover
Are you environment-friendly and looking for a sustainable phone case that prolongs the life of your smartphone and gives it a stylish look.
The Google Pixel 4a Case can be one of the best eco-friendly product to consider. It is a stylish protective accessory created with 70% recycled plastic. The recycled components consist of polycarbonate for the case and recycled polyester for the knit cover.
The recycle phone case is lightweight (weighs just 27 grams) and the jacquard pattern gives a durable finish. The washable phone case is available in three colours including Black, Static Grey and Blue Confetti.
The sustainable Android accessory can be pre-ordered online from Google Store for $40. Google Pixel 4a Case is the best way to showcase your eco-friendly fashion and a green way to keep your phone protected.

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