October 19, 2021

Cat DNA Test Kit

 Cat DNA test kit gives a better idea of your feline’s breed.

Cat genetic test kit

Basepaws’ CatKit is the only reliable at-home cat DNA test kit. Dubbed as the world’s first at-home genetic test for felines, the test kit gives an insight about cat’s breed, health, wild cat index, traits and habits. 

Cat owners can create an account on Basepaw to activate the kit. Then collect an oral DNA sample with a simple swab and send it to Basepaw’s laboratory. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to get a detailed report. The test report includes a comparison to 4 main breeds, a chromosome map along with feline conditions and diseases, personalized health insight that will help to develop long-term wellness plans. 

According to Basepaw, the CatKit cannot identify a cat’s pedigree but it can report a cat’s breed composition by looking for genomic similarities to a specific breed. 

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