Cat DNA Test Kit

 Cat DNA test kit gives a better idea of your feline's breed.

Cat genetic test kit

Basepaws' CatKit is the only reliable at-home cat DNA test kit. Dubbed as the world's first at-home genetic test for felines, the test kit gives an insight into a cat's breed, health, wild cat index, traits, and habits.

Cat owners can create an account on Basepaw to activate the kit. Then collect an oral DNA sample with a simple swab and send it to Basepaw's laboratory. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to get a detailed report. The test report includes a comparison to 4 main breeds, a chromosome map along with feline conditions and diseases, personalized health insight that will help to develop long-term wellness plans.

According to Basepaw, the CatKit cannot identify a cat's pedigree but it can report a cat's breed composition by looking for genomic similarities to a specific breed.

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