Mask Sterilizing Gadget

The 0° Clean is designed to clean face masks and make them free from pathogens.

mask sanitizer

Designer Jungkwang Hwang's0° Clean is a concept for Samsung as a modern approach to ensure that yourmask is fresh, comfortable and sanitized between wears. The sterilizing gadget boasts a compact size that allows enough space to place a surgical or cloth mask. The gadget uses ultraviolet light to neutralize germs and bacteria and the built-in dryer blows hot air from the bottom to remove excess moisture on the mask. 

The 0° Clean comes with a detachable cylindrical battery unit and also features a circular display that calculates how much dust and particulate matter is on the mask

The mask cleaning appliance is very easy to use. Just place the mask, shut the lid and switch on the button to start the process of sterilizing. 

Mask sterilizing Gadget

The 0° Clean mask cleaner

mask cleaning gadget

The 0° Clean

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