AirPods Supporting Earrings

Pebble Pods are specially designed for AirPods to stop falling out of ears.

Pebble Pods

There is always a struggle to prevent your AirPods from abruptly falling out of ears. Luckily, there is a product to overcome this problem that holds the wireless headphones from falling and getting lost. Jewellery designer Suhani Parekh, creative director of London's MISHO, has designed Pebble Pods to keep pods in place and also double as earrings.

The golden earrings are made of sterling silver and are designed to match the smooth casing of the wireless audio device. 

The Pebble Pods have three versions including Pebble Pods, Minimum/Active Tall Pods and Minimum/Active Tiny Pods. (Via)

Pebble Pods

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