Smart Urban Farming Gadget

The QBUX is a low-cost indoor farming system to grow plants anywhere.

QBUX smart indoor farming

QBUXis a smart urban farming gadget that lets you grow anything anywhere. The low-cost farming system incorporates self-watering and grow-light technologies to keep indoors green. 

The farming system includes high-quality and multi-spectrum grow lights,  2 adjustable and corrosion-resistant arms and a uniquely designed ORB that is inspired by an ancient irrigating technology believed to be used in the Middle-East and Africa. 

The smart urban farming unit can be used to grow any plant of your choice and it can be powered through any USB port that allows you to control it through your smartphone and laptop. 

The built-in grow lights will help you to grow plants even in the dark places and they can be positioned according to your needs, the self-watering system ensures to supply as much water as the plant needs and the farming unit can be set to operate on QBUX-timer to automate the process. 

QUBUX is a must-have option for urban consumers to get a low-cost time-saving gardening system to keep greenery without ample outdoor space. (via)

Smart indoor farming gadget

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