Auto Self-Tracking Gimbal

TikTrak is an app-free auto-tracking smartphone mount with AI camera.

App-free auto-tracking smartphone gimbal

Tiktrak is the world's first App free auto self-tracking gimbal for social media users that will help them to stay in the limelight. The smartphone stand and mount is the perfect accessory for Tiktok, Youtube and other social users to capture advanced images and videos at their leisure. 

TikTrak can be paired with any smartphone (without any app or Bluetooth) to track the movements of the user with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) camera. Users can have live videos with family and friends, do live stream hands-free videos and even perfect for pet shooting to capture the funniest moments.

The auto self-tracking gimbal is compatible with iPhone and Andriod phones and even with the tripod allowing users to make videos anywhere. The gimbal has ten level brightness and three light modes for getting advanced images and videos. It also features a 2,000mAh battery and can be charged anywhere with Micro USB and USB-C input. 

TikTrak is launched via Indiegogo and available from $29 with super early bird 50% discount. 

App free Auto Self-Tracking Gimbal

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