LED Anti-Aging Mask

 UnveiLed Flexible LED Light Therapy Mask is an at-home anti-aging treatment with a satisfying result.

Flexible anti-ageing mask

Science-driven skincare brand PRORI's UnveiLed Flexible LED Light Therapy Mask is an innovative product made with flexibile medical-grade silicone so it can be comfortably placed onto the face to get the right amount of red and infrared light to get the best anti-aging treatment.

Priori's new beauty product uses 633 nanometers of red light and 830 nanometers of near-infrared light to stimulate collagen and trigger cell renewal. The LED anti-aging mask is specially designed to oxygenate your skin for an instant glow. Just with a single 10 minutes session users can get more hydrated skin with firmness and brightness. The $395 beauty mask is the first of its kind beauty product with a compact form and easy to use to experience an improvement in skin tone and texture. (via)

Wrinkle-Fighting LED Mask

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