Reusable Origami Water Bottles

 DiFOLD is a collapsible reusable water bottle that perfectly fits in your bag and even in your purse.

Reusable origami bottles

Dubbed as the world's first reusable origami bottle, DiFOLD is a safe and reliable product featuring a collapsible technology for an elegant and perfectly sized bottle ideal for everyone. The origami bottle is made of premium and high-quality thermoplastic polymer and ultra-durable material that is free from odour and toxins. The durable and long-lasting water bottle features a leakproof stainless steel cap with an integrated loop to make it convenient to carry. DiFOLD is easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly. The lightweight bottle (weighs only 120 g) can hold up to 750 ml of water and the bottle is available in four different colours. 

The mission of DiFOLD is to create a new perspective of reuse by introducing foldable products that can be recycled and set a sustainable design standard for reuse. 

Support the DiFOLD project on Indiegogo and be a part of the reuse refold revolution.

reusable and recyclable bottles
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