Smallest Men's Grooming Device

 EVO shaver is a travel-friendly grooming item in the size of an egg. 

World's smallest shaver

Traditional electric shavers are normally big in size and they need to be charged fully before using. Another drawback is that they are not easy to carry when you travel. Evo has designed the world's smallest shaver to meet Men's shaving requirements while travelling and also in daily use. 

The smallest shaver features a thinner blade (only 0.07 mm) for a cleaner and comfortable shave. Evo shaver also provides a speedy and smooth cut with the help of a motor that has a speed of 6,000 rpm. The lightweight shaver is in the size of an egg and it can be easily put in your backpack and also easily fits in the pocket of your jeans. 

90 minutes of charging can give at least 50 times of shave and the shaver does not need any special charger. It features a Type-C USB port compatible with a wall charger, power bank and any gadgets with a USB port. The self-sharpening shaver is easy to clean as it can be washed under a tap or with a brush that is included in the package. Another great feature of the grooming device is the travel lock mode that prevents from accidentally powering on and makes it safe in your bag or pocket. 

Evo, the world's smallest shaver has been launched on Indiegogo since August 2020 and you can support the project by backing it.

Evo is the world's smallest shaver

Evo is the world's smallest shaver

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