Minion Inspired Projector

 The cartoon character-inspired projector is too cute to handle.

Minion projector

Minion is a famous cartoon character loved by people of all ages. The cartoon-character inspired projector is specially designed to be loved by fans from all over the world. The concept of the smart projector is based on the look and shape of the Minions characters from the Despicable Me movie. The cute yellow pill-shaped mini projector is made from a dull black box sprayed with plastic material and metal aluminium mesh on its upper and lower ends.

The minion inspired projector has some amazing features like a single camera, face recognition system, an automatic focusing motor for delivering a clear picture, effective sound system, heat conduction system, intelligent control for fan speed and effective control of internal temperature. The projector's lens works as an eye for the cute little yellow character and the mini projector could be a suitable and playful home product for families. (via)

Minion projector

Minion projector

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