Self-Cleaning Screen Protector

 Occushield is medically approved screen protector for iPhone 12.

medically-approved anti-blue light screen protector

Dubbed as the world's only medically approved anti-blue light product developed by qualified optometrists and approved by Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHPRA), UK. Occushield is designed to protect your eyes by filtering out harmful blue light. Occushield has added another breathtaking feature perfect for modern-day tech dependant lifestyle. The new iPhone screen protector employs a self-cleaning technology that works the same way as hand gel works to prevent the spread of harmful germs. The self-cleaning protector is a health and family-friendly, scratch-resistant, simple to install and delivers true colour without turning the screen orange. 

Occushield is offering a special discount on Indiegogo.

anti-blue light screen protector

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