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Programmable Handheld Game Console

 Xtron Pro is a programmable handheld game console for learning and developing games.

Programmable Handheld Game Console

Ovobot's Xtron Pro is an educational game programming console that will help to learn programs and create games. The multifunctional programmable handheld game console is designed for kids to run self-programmed games, build robot projects and even customize smartwatches and any DIY projects. You can make arcade games by using visual programming language, Javascript, or Python.

Xtron Pro features a built-in 16-megabyte flash memory allowing users to conveniently store multiple games. Its built-in high accuracy IMU sensor helps to create motion-sensing games. With Xtron Pro users can not only develop and create games but also allows them to create a pedometer, countdown timer and the programmable handheld game console also doubles as a smartwatch.

Xtron Pro also supports running thousands of NES games like Super Mario, Pacman, Contra, and more. Back the programmable game console on Kickstarter.

Xtron Pro Game Console

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