Eco-Friendly Marker pen

 The new Scribit Pen is the World's first sustainable writing utensil.

World's first eco-friendly compostable marker pen

Carlo Ratti Associati's (CRA)new Scribit marker pens are the World's first fully compostable pen that will reduce the use of plastic in the production of pens. The team of CRA launched Scribit in 2019 which was a drawing robot to use markers on any vertical surface and it required a huge amount of plastic. The team agreed to develop a safe and eco-friendly solution to avoid using plastic to attain a more sustainable approach to production.

The Scribit pen is eco-friendly and comprises compostable components. Scribit's barrel is crafted using wood, bioplastic, or anodized aluminum. The sustainable marker's replaceable ink cartridge is made from natural fibers. The marker pen also uses water-based non-toxic ink for high-performance drawing. 

The Italian innovative firm believes that Scribit will encourage thousands of people to adopt an eco-friendly way to draw to help fight against global warming. 

Image: Springwise

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