Curved Shot Foam Blaster

The Nerf Rival Curve Shot defies Newton's law of Motion.

The Nerf Rival Curve Shot

Remember the curved shots in the movie Wanted? It is simply impractical to hit a target around cover. But there is a new form of foam blaster that defies Newton's law of Motion. The foam blaster is capable of hitting the target even if it is hiding behind a wall, a doorway, or a post.
Nerf Rival Curve Shot is very different from any traditional blaster because it utilizes high-impact foam balls to make blasters stronger and enables them to launch projectiles harder than dart-shaped blasters. 
Nerf Rival Curve Shot comes with a selectable shot trajectory setting that lets to choose right, left, or down by rotating the muzzle before pulling the trigger allowing you to hit the target hiding behind structures. 
Curving shots are applicable only in shorter range and it takes a curved trajectory from the start, and you will need to adjust your aim accordingly.
Nerf Rival Curve Shot will feature three different blaster models including the Flex XXl-100, the Side Swipe XXl-1200 and the Helix XXl-2000, and they will debut later this year.(Via)

Nerf Rival Curve Shot

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