Futuristic Scuba Diving Helmet

 The Hybrid Aquabreather is a futuristic scuba diving helmet that converts Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen.

The Hydroid Aquabreather scuba diving helmet

Scuba diving may be one of the most recreational sports but it can be risky. With due care and caution, scuba diving can be a calming sport. The majority of scuba diving accidents occur with divers who are not adequately qualified, lack knowledge of scuba equipment, and don't understand the consequences of diving in deep water. The most important thing when it comes to scuba diving safety is to buy the best equipment that takes care of you when underwater. 

The Hydroid Aquabeather is a modern scuba diving helmet built to use metal superoxide chemistry, enabling scuba divers to reach depths of up to 42 hours without using heavy scuba diving gear. 

The diving helmet uses a mixture of carbon dioxide and potassium superoxide for adequate absorption of carbon dioxide, which is then converted to oxygen. This unique mixture is stored in replaceable pop-in cartridges, each capable of allowing approximately one hour of diving time. The cylindrical soda can-sized cartridges are made of fluoroplastic and contain oxygen-supporting chemicals while at the same time remove harmful CO2. 

The weird alien-looking diving equipment may be the future of diving. 

Hydroid Aquabriter scuba diving helmet

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