Drone-Equipped Concept Motorcycle

 The Polestar E-bike concept is envisioned for the year 2040.

Drone-Equipped Electric Motorcycles

The Polestar electric bike is designed for the year 2040 where autonomous technology will be so advanced that extra safety features will be required to experience the next-generation modern transportation. The futuristic electric bike concept by Vinay Raj Somashekar is aesthetically crafted for perfection that has its own drone and equipped with some extra technical features.

The Polestar C60 Concept Motorcycle is paired with a LiDAR equipped drone that can take flight upon the command of the rider as a guide to avoid any accident through a crash avoidance system. The drone is capable of taking stunning 16k videos within a range of 3 km. 

The concept e-bike is visually attractive with a hexagonal shaped sides that make it mechanically strong. The front of the bike also has a hexagonal shaped space for the drone to magnetically clasps on it when not in use. 

The bike is also rounded with a dynamic electromagnetic suspension system for a smooth safe riding and also features a ZEN mode that allows riders to take full control over the bike to enjoy a pure joy of riding. Riders can improve riding just by switching to Track mode that comes with brake and acceleration assist. (via)

The Polestar C60 Concept Motorcycle

The Polestar C60 Concept Motorcycle

The Polestar C60 Concept Motorcycle

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