Chair for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

 OTO chair

OTO chair is designed for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. The innovative chair is designed by French artist and cabinetmaker Alexia Audrain in collaboration with the Blain medico-educational Institute. OTO chair provides a hug-like experience to help the sitter to relax and feel comfortable.

Alexia Audrain took inspiration from the cuddling machine created by Temple Grandin, an American autistic woman. This unique cuddling machine places pressure on the body to help the individual feel more supported and less overwhelmed. 

It took more than a year of research to fulfill the unique specifications and requirements required for such a piece of special furniture. The OTO chair consists of various materials such as wool felt or soft resin that offers the furniture an elegant appearance. The cocoon-shaped anti-stress chair perfectly suits a variety of spaces. (via)

Supportive Anti-Stress chair

Supportive Anti-Stress chair

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