Colorful Lounge Chair by Adam Goodrum

The Big Talk lounge chair can be paired in a different color format for a touch of vibrant color.

Colorful interconnecting lounge chair

Adam Goodrum designed the ‘Big Talk’ lounge chair for the Knit project of Febrik and Kvadrat. The vibrant lounge chairis now a part of Bla Station’s 2021 collection. The lively lounge chair with a modular design is inspired by the fanning color concentration of textile swatches to help make a vibrant addition to any space. 

The modular design makes it possible for the chair to be placed back and forth in different directions to create a sofa-like sitting. The seat and backrest are both made of molded foam and all of which are covered in various shades of Febrik velvet.

According to the designer, The ‘Big Talk’ lounge chair has an achromatically modern aesthetic, but also recalls the tête-à-tête sofa or the ‘love seat’ from the Victorian where two or more seats can be interconnected in an undulating arrangement. (via)

Big Talk lounge chair

Big Talk modular lounge chair

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