Bicycle Carrying Futuristic Car

The Audi Neo-Bauhaus concept autonomous car is designed to Carry Bicycles.

Bike-Friendly Autonomous car

There is no doubt that the production of personal vehicles is increasing with stronger motors and advanced automotive technology to give the desired performance.

You may have a supercar but it won't assure you to get to your destination sooner once you are in the busiest part of your city. In that case, you need to rely on your bicycle or skateboard.

Simon Grytten developed an autonomous Neo-Bauhaus Audi concept vehicle to support urban mobility in a variety of ways.

The futuristic autonomous concept can carry a bicycle on its rear that might essentially act as a temporary transportation solution to further enhance passengers' ability to avoid traffic jams.

The Audi concept has a driving mode with wide windows allowing passengers to enjoy the view of the local landscape as they go.

The interior has digital panels on the dashboard and a series of Bang & Olufsen speakers with a music-driven ambient lighting system. (Via)

Bike-Friendly Autonomous car

Bike-Friendly Autonomous car

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