Modern Food Processor with a Wireless Charging Dock

 Ken is a sleek kitchen appliance designed for a modern home environment.

Wireless Charger Food Processors

Traditional food processors are bulky that ends up in a cabinet most of the time. Ken is a smart and space-saving kitchen appliance that suits a modern home setting. The lantern-shaped modern kitchen appliance is designed by Joseph Burrel as an attempt to change the general aesthetic perception of the traditional kitchen appliances into a fashionable approach, suitable for a small urban living room.

The sleek modern food processor's top can be easily removed and completed with a wireless charging pad on the side for charging smartphones and other smart gadgets. 

The amazing features of Ken combined with modern form make it perfect to place anywhere in your home, not limited to your kitchen. (Via)

Wireless Charger Food Processors

Wireless Charger Food Processors

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