Drones and Robot Printing System

 LasrerFactory can build fully functional drones and drones.

Drones and Robot Printing System

Specialists at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have designed LaserFactory, a system that can create drones, robots, and any technological gadgets on its own. LaserFactory is built around a laser cutter in a two-part configuration that involves a software kit for creating gadgets and a computer to bring them to life. Users can build a system with a library unit, install circuit traces and make any changes with a 2D editor. After the development of a system, the program sends a message to the LaserFactory hardware. The system also contains a computer that prints circuits and assembles parts.

LaserFactory can deliver the required shape where silver lines to the circuit traces are attached, components are placed, and handles the silver to complete the system ready to be used.

LaserFactory has the ability to easily develop more drones for search and rescue operations or deliveries. Researchers are aiming to enhance LaserFactory by improving the efficiency and trustworthiness of circuit traces to create complicated and denser devices. (via)

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