Plant-Based Protein Bar with upcycled Ingredients

 Real Food Bars use imperfect vegetables and convert them into healthy powders.

Plant-based upcycled protein bars

Many people prefer protein bars as a quick source of nutrition and help to build muscle. They are also a nutritious alternative to traditional fatty and sugary snacks. Because of the wide range of protein bars available on the market, it is important to realize that not all protein bars are equivalent. According to an analysis conducted by Safefood found that high protein bars are not healthy as perceived because they are high in saturated fat and salt. 

Some protein bars contain organic ingredients and sustainably sourced. Austin-based Real Food Bar is an organic brand that produces protein bars with upcycled ingredients. Surplus vegetables are processed into powdered ingredients for the bars. The plant-based protein bar contains upcycled kale, cauliflower sweet potatoes, and pea protein, cashew butter, tapioca fiber, agave sipped oil, coconut oil, crisp pea, sunflower oil, sea salt, extract vanilla, and lecithin from sunflower. 

The USDA-certified organic bars contain less sugar, rich in fiber, and half the net carbs. The bars are free from gluten, soy, milk, and GMOs. The plant-based protein bars are available in a variety of flavors like strawberry cashew, chocolate salt, and peanut butter. 

Real Food Bar is committed to coping with food waste in the supply chain that will help to reduce tons of food wasted every year in the USA. (Via)

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