Raspberry Pi Pico Powered Portable Programming Workstation

 The Lisperati 1000 portable programming workstation is ultra-compact.

Raspberry Pi Pico Powered Portable Programming Workstation

Conrad Barski developed the Lisperati1000 portable programming workstation as a solution for users who need a very lightweight hardware option to use from home or when they are away from home.

The system is controlled by a microcontroller Raspberry Pi Pico and is equipped with an 8.8-inch console with an objective of 1,920 x 480 pixels. The entirety of the segments is held inside a 3D-printed case, while the console is accounted for to be around 40% the width of a standard full-size keyboard. The tiny portable workstation is fueled by two rechargeable 4,400mAh batterypacks.

Barski had initially intended to design only three workstations but instead expects to launch a project to finance the development of the Lisperati 1000 package due to the positive response from the programming community. (Via)

Lisperati1000 portable programming workstation

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