Shoe-Inspired Earbuds and Earphones

Master& Dynamic for the Nike K13 earbuds and earphones are for avid basketball fans.  Master & Dynamic for Nike KD13

The Master and Dynamic for Nike KD13 series come from a coordinated effort with Kevin Durant. These custom earphones and earbuds incorporate the MH40 Wireless Nike KD13 and the MW07 Plus Nike KD13 and draw motivation from sets of shoes.

The limited-edition shoe-inspired gadgets come in five color options: Hype, Chill, Easy Money Snipers, Sly Servants, and Slim Reaper Experience. The aluminum earphones also use Bluetooth 5.0 remote network and brag 40 mm, neodymium drivers.

They additionally offer 18 hours of battery life and feature a dual microphone setup. The handmade acetic earbuds have as long as 40 hours of playtime and are accompanied by a stainless steel charging case.

The Master & Dynamic for Nike KD13 series presents the traditional headphones with a strikingly trendy finish, which makes them more elegant and enticing to users who have become tired of simplistic models available on the market.

The Master and Dynamic for Nike KD13 series is a unique audio solution to allow users to show their affection for Nike, basketball, and music all in one go.

Shoe-Inspired Earbuds and Earphones

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