Modern Innovative Short Story Dispenser

 Short Édition's Short Story Dispenser is a modern innovation to create stories on demand.

Short story dispenser

Access to online reading from numerous news and cultural websites has added significantly to daily life, but it comes up short on getting actual physical content. A coffee shop in Seattle discovers a new means of linking people to a viable approach via the written word. At Beacon Hill's The Station, customers can print short stories while waiting.

When standing in line with the order, customers can choose between a one-, three-and five-minute story, which will then be printed out for buyers to take with them.

The Short Story Dispenser was created by the French publication Short Édition in the café in December last year and making it the first of its kind device in the state of Washington. The machine was paid for by the Seattle Public Library Foundationand has delivered 900 books, providing a lot of interesting and exciting experiences. Users can go to the Seattle Public Library official website and let them take a brief history to enjoy their temporary reading. Or they can search the website for a short story dispenser nearby. Short Édition's Short Story Dispenser brings a new and personalized twist to the literature, combining timelessness and imagination with the written word. (via)

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