Autonomous home Robot for Intelligent Monitoring

 The Moorebot Scout Home monitoring robot is the first of its kind.

Moorebot Scout Home Monitoring Robot

Enhancing protection in the home typically involves adding a small coverage of cameras or sensors. These monitoring systems only provide a limited amount of coverage. This is where the Moorebot Scout Home Robot plays an important role in upgrading the home security system capabilities without relying on a complicated and costly installation. 

Moorebot Scout Home Robot is the world's firstautonomous home robot for intelligent tracking. The autonomous home robot is integrated with sophisticated sensors and AI algorithms and uses target recognition, voice modulation, monocular SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), and night vision technologies. In addition, the autonomous mobile robot can act as an automatic IP camera or automatic patrol drone, which is used to monitor the mobility of the robot.

The Moorebot Scout Home Surveillance Robot is scheduled to be available for purchase at a price of $179 beginning this spring. (Via)

Moorebot Scout Home Robot

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