Gaming Exhibition Venue

 The 7,000 seat e-Sport venue in Toronto will be completed in 2025.

Toronto's gaming entertainment venue

Overactive Media has unveiled its much-awaited gaming exhibition venue in Toronto, scheduled to be complete in 2025. The e-Sport venue will provide the city with a dedicated space for events that will focus on providing an engaging environment that is currently unavailable.  

The $500 million facility plans to hold more than 200 events each year, mainly driven by music and entertainment program bookings. The gaming exhibition venue will also attract large conventions, business affairs, product launches, and awards ceremonies in the region. 

The stadium will be located on the four acres of land on Lakeshore Boulevard and expected to be the center of Toronto's future sports, media, and entertainment meeting place.

The architectural composition was conceived by the world-renowned design company Populous to provide an iconic architectural appearance along the Toronto waterfront and reflect the modern expression of a new era of sports and entertainment theater.

The state-of-the-art performance venue will have a 7,000 seat capacity and the modern sports facility is expected to elevate Toronto to the top destinations of the global gaming and e-Sports industry. (Via)

e-Sports stadium in Toronto

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